Welcome to Twelve Tables. Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to Twelve Tables. Thanks for stopping by!

Twelve Tables launched in 2016 and from the moment we started we’ve been doing things a little differently.

Our aim is to create beautiful experiences for our couples, clients, and their guests. We specialise in premium custom furniture, freshly designed hire items, and show-stopping marquees.

Every year we design a little more, dream more wildly and push boundaries to offer our stylists, couples, and clients the best of the best.

From our marquee technicians to our administration team, our accountants to our web developers, our cleaning crew to our furniture makers, we are passionate and kind creators, clever and energetic perfectionists. We are ready to dream, grow, design, and build beautiful events for wonderful people, by wonderful people.

As we head into another season, let’s create more thoughtfully and continue to design unseen weddings and events. And let’s redefine the event industry while we’re at it.