Floral Plinths – White


4 available

Two sizes

Two small and two large.

The perfect blank canvas to attach florals or signage to.

Can be used:

– as an alternative to a wedding arch

– as a welcome or order of events frame. Attach a clear perspex sign to the front and add florals behind for extra ‘wow’ factor.

– to display your “welcome sign”.

– to display your wedding quote or message to guests.

To create your custom sign, including design and print, contact your local stationery designer. Our local designer is Paper Darling.

Dimensions (cm):

114(H) 42(W)- small x2 – $40

135(H) 50(W)- large x2 – $60

Available in white and black and in large or small.

Custom made in New Zealand by the Twelve Tables Team

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Add to Your Hire Wishlist