Tall White Triangle Signage Frame


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A modern take on our tall white signage frame.

The perfect blank canvas to hang your custom printed sign.

Can be used:

– to suspend your order of events information.

– to display your “welcome sign”.

– as a seating chart.

– to display your wedding quote or message to guests.

To create your custom sign, including design and print, contact your local stationery supplier. Our local designer is Paper Darling.

Dimensions (cm): 72(W) 120(H)

Recommended Sign Dimensions: A maximum width of 70 wide (between 65-70) – Recommended height of your sign (this depends on the “look” you’re after and the size of the writing etc, but we recommend approximately 100 high)

Custom made in New Zealand by the Twelve Tables Team.

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Add to Your Hire Wishlist
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