Black Plinths


2 available

The perfect blank canvas to attach florals or signage to.

Can be used:

– as an alternative to a wedding arch

– as a welcome or order of events frame. Attach a clear perspex sign to the front and add florals behind for extra ‘wow’ factor.

– to display your “welcome sign”.

– to display your wedding quote or message to guests.

To create your custom sign, including design and print, contact your local stationery designer. Our local designer is Paper Darling.

Dimensions (cm):

114(H) 42(w)– small x2 – $40

Recommended Sign Size: A maximum width of 42 wide (between 40-42) – Recommended height of your sign 114. It depends on the “look”, but we think it looks great when you utilise the whole size of the plinth, making your sign 114 high by 42 wide.

Available in white and black.

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Add to Your Hire Wishlist