Black Arch


Black Steel Arch

Large black versatile arch, table and/or bar frame.

This adjustable and extendable frame has been built as a wedding arch/arbour and also built to go over one or two tables, designed, for you to add the florals or drapery of your choice. It can also be used over bar/s to hang your bar signage and/or bar florals.

Can be used:

– as a table frame over your bridal table/s

– over your bar to create a statement, add bar signage and/or florals

– as a photo booth backdrop.

– to create an entrance, use it as an archway for guests when they enter a new space.

– as your wedding arbour.

Dimensions: 2m(W) 2.4m(H)  *can be extended to suit your requirements.

Custom made in New Zealand by our team.

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